YWCA Zimbabwe values shall be built on its history and foundation in Christian faith, worldwide solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness, mutual tolerance and mutual respect, integrity, and responsible accountability.

 Inspired by the preamble in the World YWCA Constitution, the key values and principles guiding the work of the YWCAs around the world towards their common vision and purpose are:

§ Placing women, young women and girls’ empowerment at the center of our work.

§ Respecting diversity and upholding the human rights principles of participation, non-discrimination and accountability.

§ Modeling intergenerational and shared leadership able to transform our world.

§ Operating with integrity from a human rights based approach


– To cultivate leadership and development among women and girls ensuring women’s economic autonomy.

– To make the public space safer for women and girls through championing a violent free society and increasing their participation in decision making roles in the home and public spaces.

– To provide services such as hostels, community centers, nursery schools and Vocational Training Centres and any other service as per The Association’s mission; and

– To develop partnerships and collaborate with organizations and institutions whose work and programmes wholly or partially support the objectives of The Association.

              What we do

Advocacy on Women’s Rights

Economic Empowerment

Organizational Development and Good Governance

Education and Leadership Development

women and health

Our current programmes include 

  • Creation of Safe spaces for Women and Girls.
  • Leadership training for young women
  • Sexual Reproductive health including HIV and Cancer awareness
  • Economic empowerment through skills training and technical capacity such as ISALS (Income Savings and Lending Schemes), Digital and financial Literacy trainings
  • Education and Vocational Training Schools offering courses in Hotel and Catering, Cutting and Designing, Interior Décor, Cosmetology
  • Accommodation, hostels and conference facilities  
  • School Drug and Subsistence abuse Education Sessions
  • Women and Health Education.
  • Putting faith in action for social change in communities.

contact information

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 Contact Details

 YWCA Head Office

 189 Westwood, Kambuzuma


 Cell: +263 772327030 / +263 772236886

 Facebook: YWCA Council of Zimbabwe

 YWCA Midlands Centre

 6025 Mkoba 1


 Cell: +263772837343


 YWCA Matabeleland Centre

 a).Number 35- 9 th Avenue

 Lobengula Street


 b)Mpopoma 1 Nketa Drive, Mpopoma

 Landlines: 0292260185 or 0292261919

 Cell: +263 789059961 

 YWCA Mashonaland Centre

 5853 Mzingeli Street, Mbare


 Cell: +263772698975